Monday, December 6, 2010

CRS-0222 and CRS-2640 while removing RAC datagourp

Recently I tried to drop a datagroup from RAC cluster. It was previously registered with cluster while creating a RAC database:

HA Resource                                   Target     State
ora.FRA.dg                                    ONLINE     OFFLINE

I moved all database files from this datagroup to an other. Then when i tried to drop it, following error occured:

srvctl remove diskgroup -g FRA
PRCA-1002 : Failed to remove CRS resource ora.FRA.dg for ASM Disk Group FRA
PRCR-1028 : Failed to remove resource ora.FRA.dg
PRCR-1072 : Failed to unregister resource ora.FRA.dg
CRS-0222: Resource 'ora.FRA.dg' has dependency error.

The right thing was to remove datagroup as told in here.
1-) srvctl modify database -d MYDB -a “DATA,OTHER_DG,...”
2-) srvctl disable diskgroup -g FRA
3-) srvctl remove diskgroup -g FRA –f

However, I removed datagroup first:

srvctl remove diskgroup -g FRA -f

Then, when i tried to open database, It gave me fallowing error:

srvctl start database -d mydb
PRCR-1079 : Failed to start resource ora.mydb.db
CRS-2640: Required resource 'ora.FRA.dg' is missing.

That was because altough i removed datagroup with force option, dependency was remained. You can see it with similar command:

./crsctl status resource ora.mydb.db -f|grep FRA
START_DEPENDENCIES=hard(ora.DATA.dg,ora.FRA.dg) weak(type:ora.listener.type,global:type:ora.scan_listener.type,uniform:ora.ons,uniform:ora.eons) pullup(ora.DATA.dg)

I run fallowing command to remove FRA dependency:

srvctl modify database -d MYDB -a “DATA”  (step 1)
When i check dependency again, i saw that FRA was gone:

./crsctl status resource ora.mydb.db -f|grep FRA

./crsctl status resource ora.mydb.db -f|grep DATA
START_DEPENDENCIES=hard(ora.DATA.dg) weak(type:ora.listener.type,global:type:ora.scan_listener.type,uniform:ora.ons,uniform:ora.eons) pullup(ora.DATA.dg)

After that, i could able to open my database

srvctl start database -d mydb


Anonymous said...

You need to modify attributes START_DEPENDENCIES and STOP_DEPENDENCIES simultaneously. In other case modification will be failed.
Extend your example of command "srvctl modify" if you like, please.

Oracle Log said...

I run command:

srvctl modify database -d MYDB -a “DATA”

in order to make my database only depend on diskgroup DATA. Because this command seems modify all start and stop dependencies at the same time, i did not have any problem. I am sure you can also modify it in some other way like setting both START_DEPENDENCIES and STOP_DEPENDENCIES manually.