Thursday, August 14, 2008

sqlplus / as sysdba, ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Follow following steps to correct problem:
1-) go to $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
2-) correct dba OS user group name in config.s file:
a) type "id" command in shell in order to get group name of your OS user
b)correct group name in config.s file. It is written just after the ".string"
.csect H.12.NO_SYMBOL{RO}, 3
.string "dbat"
# End csect H.12.NO_SYMBOL{RO}
.csect H.14.NO_SYMBOL{RO}, 3
.string "dbat"
# End csect H.14.NO_SYMBOL{RO}
c) run following commands to backup & compile:
mv config.o
make -f ioracle

Note: sometimes dba OS dba group is correct in config.s file so you dont need to change anything and compile (next step) solves the problem.


Anonymous said...

Thanks .It worked..

Anonymous said...

it worked for me as well. Thanks alot!!

Anonymous said...

There is no rdbms folder under $ORACLE_HOME... Wish u would check bfore post...

Oracle Log said...

There should be. Maybe you should check if your ORACLE_HOME environment variable set correctly.

nonuday said...

Hi, facing some kind of probelem but when I tried your solution I got the error which I stated below.

"/rdbms/lib/", line 0: make: 1254-027 Cannot open /rdbms/lib/
make: 1254-058 Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue.

Any idea about this..